Coton de Tulear of Tara

Breeding Award winning Coton de Tulears since 1992

Message from the breeder...breeder - Carol Hughes

I have been actively involved with the breeding of Performance Quarter Horses and Great Pyrenees for the last twenty years. All have outstandingCarol Hughes and the Coton de Tulears of Tara show records. I am very much aware of traits that should and should not be bred; temperament being of the utmost importance. Health is always important in breeding animals. Therefore, all of my breeding stock has yearly blood panels done as well as being OFA cleared for hips, patellas, elbows and thyroid. Their eyes are cleared by CERF. I am now into my third generation of Cotons, which from a health stand point is very important, because I do know what is behind them. Coton de Tulear Dogs and Puppies

My original Cotons have been acquired from the leading kennels in Belgium, France, Denmark, and Finland. My goal is to enhance this breed by breeding only the best traits. I feel that each future generation must be better than the present, and I will not breed more pups than there is a demand for.

The placement of my puppies is very important to me. Therefore, I give temperament/personality tests, so they will be well-suited for the requirements of their new owners. The sex of an animal has nothing to do with their temperament. Stop and think... I am sure that we all know obnoxious men, as well as women. I request a note from each prospective new owner, telling me the "comings and goings" of their household. Are there children, grandchildren, do you entertain a lot, is there a lot of activity in the household, or is it a very quiet living environment? The more I know about each prospective owner, the easier it is for me to select the correct family for my puppies. Yes, that is correct, I am selecting the "correct" family for my puppies, not necessarily picking the right puppy for you. I am responsible for each and every puppy, and I will do whatever it takes to ensure that each puppy goes to the correct family for him/her. I also guarantee my pups, which are FCI registered. They are sold under contract, and the contract must be signed and returned before delivery. A deposit is required to reserve a pup.

My affiliations are Federation Cynologique International and the United Kennel Club, American Rare Breed Association. I am on the board of directors of the North America Coton Association, and am the past president of the American Coton Club. I am also a member of the Great Pyrenees Club of American. Breeders of Excellence and the American Quarter Horse Association.

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