Coton de Tulear of Tara

Breeding Award winning Coton de Tulears since 1992

Gone to the Cotons

You Know You've Gone to the Cotons When . . .

. . . you have more Cotons than people in your house

. . . you spend all week grooming your Cotons so that you can spend all weekend showing them

. . . your family needs you and they look in the kennel first

. . . you spend more on dog food than you do on groceries

. . . when it rains, you run home, not to close the windows, but to put the Cotons in

. . . your kids really can use the excuse: My Dog Ate My Homework!

. . . you just got home from the National and the first thing on your to do list is to reserve a room for the next National

. . . your kid wants to go to the show with you, but you have to tell her/him that you have no room in your van because you are bringing too many Cotons

. . . your lover plans a romantic getaway on your anniversary, but you tell her/him you can't go because there are shows that weekend

. . . you go into the ring and your hair is a mess, but your Coton is perfectly groomed

. . . your kids wear their sneakers out into the rain, but your Cotons wear booties

. . . your guests have nowhere to sit because you moved your living room couch into the garage in order to bring in the whelping box

. . . when other people show off pictures of their grandkids, you whip out pictures of your Cotons

. . . you don't have any pictures of your kids hanging on your walls, but you have plenty of Coton pictures

. . . you can't wear the necklace your kid made you for Mother's Day because a gold Coton is hanging from your neck

. . . when buying a new house, your main concern is the size of the kennel runs, not the quality of the schools
. . . you know your Cotons better than you know your lover

. . . you don't think any of this is unnatural and you fail to see the humor