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Coton de Tulear on a bike

Note from Lilli Collins.. Hi Mama Carol, It's me, Lilli Collins.

No news is good news they say, so I apologize for not writing sooner, but I've been very busy lately. What with my surgery, my hair falling out and all that grooming, I've been exhausted. In addition, I have learned to ride on the motorcycle with the folks, (I'm a Biker Bitch !) and have been traveling everywhere. My car seat fits between them on the front console when we go in the truck, and and I rarely am in my travel crate in the back seat when we are traveling. I have two different carriers that I use when we ride the motorcycle, and I'm a lot better about barking at everything, although I am definitely the truck watchdog, as well as keeping up with guarding our RV. I love everything about my life, and Mom says that I am a total joy! I have that same "different" little face as my "other mother with the same brothers"--Nikki. Tell her and my pop Gates that I appreciate my good genes, and glorious good health. I always have my fruit, vegetable, cottage cheese or yogurt with my dog food. We all eat organic food, and of course, I enjoy my Pupcorn, and cheese for training....otherwise no cheap treats. Because of this, I don't have the "red eye" anymore !! Anyway, I'm in Colorado now (I look forward to a little lake swimming next week !) and we're spending the rest of the summer in Spokane, WA. then back to Kerrville Texas for the winter so that Dad can work and Mom can get back to making pottery and keeping the galleries supplied-I love going to the studio with her, and have great human friends there..... I wish you and all my Coton family all the, Lilli (Miss Lillian of Tara), Melinda & Ron Collins

Coton de Tulear Agility Trials

Miss Lucy of Tara, RA AX OJ OF is EXCELLENT in agility! (right)

Coton de Tulear Champions

Hello from Annie! (left)

 Greetings to all my Friends and Fans, and especially to you, because I hope you will be my new best friend.  I hope you enjoy my interview for the Tara Star News. I just loved doing it. Just call me “Annie.” ( Remember the opening line from Moby Dick?) My registered name is CH Annie’s Song of Tara, because I was born June 19, 2006, at Cotons of Tara in Burleson, TX  to Jespersen’s Petals N Pearls and CH Sweet Talking Man of Tara. I probably take after my coton dad, because I talk all of the time. I decided to do this interview by myself, because I am now 2 years old – old enough to contribute something to the world besides cuteness and kisses. Plus, I do love to talk about myself, but thank goodness, not as much as my mom likes to talk about her Annie!

Mom and Dad waited for a long time to get me, because they wanted a show quality female from Tara, although I was never going to be shown.  If you know me, you are probably laughing your head off, because I am quite the Show Girl now. I have been competing in dog shows for just 9 months, and have about a hundred ribbons, plus medals and sacks of prizes that you receive at my favorite shows for winning Group. Mom calls me Little Miss North Carolina as I have a perfect record for Best in Breed at all my shows in the Tar Heel State. I won my UKC Championship my first weekend there.

Like most coton puppies, I was a pretty baby, but I just kept getting prettier and prettier, and I think I still am. When I was a puppy, I got into everything except trouble as I have a talent for melting hearts. Mom and Dad had to have a new floor laid in their bathroom-twice, mortar replaced in the fireplace, and Dad had to replace a practically new chair. I can’t remember why, but I wanted to eat my own house! Puppies….you gotta love them, but what goes on in their baby brains is anybody’s guess.

In October 2007, my Aunt Ruth called and wanted Mommy and me to meet her in TN for a dog show. I was supposed to go to Paula, my vet, the following Tues. to be spayed because it would be good for my health. Anyway, we went to the dog show, a first for both of us. I won my class, won best female, and then got best coton. I was in Group with dogs that were not cotons. The judge asked Mommy to move, and she thought she had done something wrong, A nice man figured out what was happening and told us that we had won Group and that the judge wanted me to go to the front of the line! The next thing I knew was that there were 6 big brown dogs and me in the ring competing for Best in Show! The judge told Mom that I was really special, but that Mom needed lessons and practice. (She tries hard, but still messes up in the ring every time. She gets too nervous.) After I won a ton of ribbons that first weekend, we decided to keep going to shows. My vet recommended postponing surgery, because all those ribbons are good for your health ,too!

My next show was in Hickory, NC. I won Best of Breed all 6 times, and Group 1 five times. At the last show I was very tired and decided to sniff a poodle’s butt. That was great fun, so I turned around behind me and kissed the peke. I decided it would be a good thing to get real friendly as I had been getting all the ribbons for 3 days and sometimes girls just want to have fun. Mom wasn’t holding the lead, so I took off and greeted each of the dogs in the ring. Anyway, I got a red ribbon that time, and thought it was nice to get another color other than blue or purple.

I love going to shows. Staying in a motel is fun. Most of the time there are interesting smells where we stay. But in April, on the way to the National Specialty in TX ( I won a very nice ribbon there, and silly Mommy had Suzanne’s comments about me framed) , we stayed in a big hotel in Atlanta before an early flight. The only room they had left was a suite. I swear it was like heaven had come down. I had had one of those 6 or 7 step baths that take all day and was wearing one of my sparkly hair bows. The people at the Westin must have thought I was the Princess of  Someplace and let me go any place in the hotel I wanted. They even fixed me special food that I like if I couldn’t find it on the menu! I returned the favor by faithfully using my potty pad in the suite, and walking all the way to the hotel next door if I had to go outside.

At my last show, I won my National and International IABCA titles. And recently I became an American Coton Club Champion.

I have told you about how I got to the GA mountains, about having fun at dog shows, and my silly Mom and Dad (He makes up songs about my brother and me and sings them to us every morning.). Before he goes to work, we play soccer. I make up the rules as we go along and change them depending on where the ball goes. The last thing I have to tell you is about my special talent that drives my parents nuts. Believe it or not, I can throw my head all the way back and howl just like a wolf! Next time I see you, I will be glad to show you how to do it, and then we can do it together!

The following is a letter that was written to the TARA STAR Newspaper


Coton de Tulear Agility
Crys’l Clear of Tara (Blanca) UACH, AX, AXJ, OF, CGC, TDI

I was born, July 15, 2001, in beautiful Coton de Tulear of Tara in Burleson, Texas. My name is Crys’l Clear of Tara . My friends and family call me Blanca. My real mother is Champion Diabolo Swing O'Tara, and my dad is Champion Preferred Stock of Tara. I moved to Florida in September of 2001. I was going to live the life of a luxurious house pet. Little did Mommy and I know that we would be bitten by the agility bug! First, I needed a little training, and my mommy knew nothing about the subject, so we went to a basic obedience class. Neither one of us liked it very much, but we gave it our best. Graduation night, we were given an agility demonstration. It was a "paws-on" event so I was able to try a few things out with the agility teacher's assistance. It was a lot of fun, and Mommy seemed to enjoy it too. We signed up for an agility class and have been taking a class every week since.

One day we went to a different kind of place, I could feel Mommy tensing up, so of course I tensed up with her. What were these people doing in the ring when it was my turn? Why was this person, with clipboard in hand, following us around? Where were my treats? Woof, get me out of here! Well, a couple of frightening days like that and we were back home at my favorite school. I found out from my buddies that I had been to an agility trial. Mommy and I continued to work on agility and some obedience skills. Then we went to a different place and I was tested for good behavior and received my Canine Good Citizen Certificate. After some additional tests and three days of on the job observation I received my certificate from Therapy Dogs, Inc. They said that I was a great little dog, interested in all, and that Mommy and I made a good team. Those certificates helped to give me more confidence.

Several months later we went to another strange building, and when I saw the agility stuff I knew we were at another agility trail. This time I was not as frightened because Mommy wasn't as tense as before, and the people in the ring didn't bother me too much. After our performances, Mommy kept taking me up to get these pretty ribbons and stuffed toys. Mommy was very proud of me. She explained that I had qualified in three runs, came in third place once, and had earned my U-AGI title all in one weekend. Wow! We went back home and continued taking classes. We go to agility trials once in a while and always seem to win ribbons. This last time, Mommy congratulated me and gave me lots of kisses and said that I had titled in U-AGII.

It sure is different from the luxurious life of a house pet -- thank goodness. We really have a lot of fun together. We train, cold or hot, rain or shine. I always have to have a mini bath when I come home from classes too. I don't mind though, it's worth it, and when my bath is over and I am dry and combed I get part of a Greenies.

We keep in touch with Mommie C. (Carol Hughes) by e-mail and telephone. I like it when Mommy calls her because I can hear the doggies bark and Mommie C says hello to me. Sometimes Mommy goes on Mommie Cs web site just so I can hear the familiar music of Tara.

Mommy and I plan on continuing with agility and competing now and then. I enjoy going to the hospitals once a week with Mommy to help cheer-up people, too. My Nana is in a nursing home and we go there often. Nana enjoys my visits and so do her friends. Mommy and I have days when we just stay around the house, but it gets pretty boring. When Mommy works, she takes me to the groomers. Miss Elaine loves me and I get to hang out there, and she takes me outside for supervised play with one of her little dogs. Even if it isn't my regular grooming time, Miss Elaine always makes sure I get brushed. If Miss Elaine cannot keep me, my daddy makes arrangements to come home early so that I am not alone too long. That's special!

I like to chase squirrels; I'm so fast Mommy is afraid I might catch one. I also enjoy chasing lizards on the patio. I love rolling in the grass, and Mommy loves to watch me, she calls it rolling in the clover. She laughs when I come in all dirty.

Mommy takes me for a little walk twice a day. I love to leave "little notes" for the other dogs. Mommy always washes my feet and mouth when we come home, if the grass is particularly tall she washes my tummy too. She’s worried about the chemicals people put on their grass. I don’t mind being washed because afterward I get to run through the house. I just love to run when I am wet.

Mommie C told Mommy to always give me a treat when I go into my crate and she always does. I love going "night, night." Sometimes Mommy and Daddy stay up later then usual and I have to remind them that it is time to go to bed. I love mornings too; I give and receive lots of kisses every morning, Mommy and I do our stretches together, and then Daddy always gives me a little Florida orange juice.

Whenever Mommy does leave me home alone, she always leaves me a little treat in my crate, and a little treat in my ducky. I save the treats until Mommy comes home. After I give my mommy lots of kisses and go potty outside, I run back inside and eat my cookies. Mommy called Mommie C to ask about this and she explained that I was celebrating my mommy returning.

Mommy said that Mommie C wanted me to share some information about my life so that’s why I wrote this. I am only three years old, so I hope I get to share some more good stuff later.


Coton de Tulear Agility Dog Trials

Agility Star on the Rise

Seven Lakes, North Carolina --
The following is a transcript from a recent interview with an upcoming star in Agility. This is his story about the way it began.

"Hello. My name is Cash is Nice of Tara, but the people I own call me Bogey. When I was taking obedience classes last fall, I got to play on the agility equipment at the training center. It was so much fun jumping, running through tunnels, and climbing on the big obstacles. My favorite is the weave poles, because they are hard to learn, but it was easy for me. I guess I'm just smart.

I liked it so much that I made my family take me back to practice over and over, and I got pretty good at it. My Mommy taught me cool stuff, and one day we got in the car and went to a place with more things to play on, and lots of other dogs.

It was very scary though. We went inside a horse arena, and I never smelled such things! Mommy left me in the crate most of the day, and all the other dogs were barking, and making a fuss at me. When she did take me out and asked me to play on the equipment, I was very nervous. I tried, and tried, but I couldn't do it the right way. Mommy didn't give up; she helped me to finish running on the equipment. When I got done, all the people clapped for me, even though I didn't do so well, and they were very happy for me. Mommy gave me lots of kisses and carried me around with her so I wouldn't be so scared.

That same day I tried it again and guess what? I did it so well that I won a first place ribbon with a perfect score of 100. After that, we traveled to some other places for me to compete. I really like it a lot and wasn't afraid of it anymore. All together, I've run courses seven times in AKC trials with other dogs. I've won four ribbons, two first place and two second. The other times we didn't win ribbons, Mommy said it was her fault for not telling me the right things to do. We are having so much fun that we get to go to four more agility trails soon and win more ribbons. Mommy says I'm her superstar and put this sticker on my nose. Isn't it silly?

I live in Seven Lakes, North Carolina with Cory and John Williams."

End of interview! But, not end of story. Watch out for this rising star.

Coton de Tulear generations of champions

Three Generations

October, 1999. Burleson, TX. TARA proudly presents its third generation of males. Pictured right is Multi Champion Sugar of Woodland Cottage, his son, Multi Champion, and World Champion Jr. Male 1999, Preferred Stock of TARA, and his young grandson, N Vest in Sugar of TARA. We are expecting big things, from this little boy.

Coton de Tulear World Champion


Mexico City, MX. The prestigious 1999 "World Dog Show," was held June 3-6, 1999 in Mexico City with over 5000 entries, each entry hopeful of attaining the coveted "World Champion" title. "Diabolo Swing One o'clock Tara," (Foxy) an 8-month-old was entered in the puppy "B"divisions. Foxy won Best of Breed puppy for the World Show and took a Group 4 placement in another show. She was the only Coton to have placed in group. Foxy a little French girl, who lives at TARA, thought the whole show was great fun, and cannot wait till the next one.

Coton de Tulear World Champion Dog


Mexico City, MX. The prestigious 1999 "World Dog Show," was held June 3-6, 1999 in Mexico City with over 5000 entries, each entry hopeful of attaining the coveted "World Champion" title. A young Coton de Tulear male, "Preferred Stock of TARA" (Gates) won the title of "World Junior Champion." Gates also became a Mexican Champion and an American Junior Champion. He is the first American bred Coton to have won a World Champion title. Back home at TARA, proud dad, "Sugar" said, "that's my son, following in my paw prints!" Gates said "congratulations to all the other "World Champions," and hopes to see them next year at the 2000 World Dog Show."

Coton de Tulear World Champ ARBA Show


Hollywood, FL - At the ARBA Spring Classic National Show Mar. 21, 1999 Bearon von Opps of Tara took a Best In Show !!! Bearon is an ARBA champion as well as a USACTC champion. Bearon's show career had a terrific beginning with an ARBA Best In Show Jr. Puppy in Jan. '98. He is in the fast lane now having won four Group First, four Best of Breed and five Best of Winners. At only 1 1/2 years old, Bearon is very pleased with his accomplishments. His proud mom, Sweet N Low of Tara, said she had shared her winning ways, and was pleased that he had payed attention! When Bearon was asked about his future plans, he replied that he is looking forward to continued success in the show ring and thrilled about being called a stud.................whatever that means. Bearon lives in Florida with the Goldberg family.

Coton de Tulear National Specialty Best of Breed Show


Columbus, TX. The United States of America Coton de Tulear Club held its National Speciality on August 22, 1998. Tara's Sugar took Best of Breed and Best of the Speciality, as well as six more Best of Breeds. During the week of August 20th the States Kennel Club held eight shows. Sugar took Best of Breed at six of these shows. Tara's Cricket or Nikita were Best of Opposite Sex. The other two shows, the honor of Best of Breed went to Cricket and to Nikita, with Sugar being Best of Opposite Sex. Nikita achieved her USACTC Champion during this same week. When asked about this grand sweep of wins, they replied that it was great fun and they love to share!........................with each other.

Coton de Tulear Best in Breed


Bay St. Louis, MS. On Oct 5th, 1997 at The Casino Magic there was a lot of "winning" going on, but right across the street there was a big win taking place. Tara's Sugar just took a Best in Show! Judge Dr. Maurice Waller selected this beautiful Coton over one hundered and eighteen entries. "Sugar" is a Mexican, International (FCI), ARBA, USACTC, IABAC and SKC National and International Champion. After all the congratulations were over, we asked Sugar what he would do now. He replied, that he believed he would go to the casino and "shoot some craps." Thats a man for you!

Coton de Tulear ARBA USACTC Champion


Heightstown, New Jersey. June 17, 1997 at the ARBA Garden State Classic, Cricket of Tara won Best of Breed over sixteen Coton de Tulear entries. She advanced to Best in Show, by taking a Group One. There were eight entries in the Best in Show, where she was awarded "BEST IN SHOW," by judge Larry Stein. "Cricket" is a Mexican, International (FCI), IABCA/Int'l, States Kennel Club/National, ARBA and USACTC Champion. When asked what her future plans were, she replied, "if I can find the right man, I might just settle down and have some babies." It looks as if there are future champions on the horizon.

ARBA amd ISACTC Champion Coton de Tulear


Tijuana, MX. July 14, 1996, TARA's Sugar of Woodland Cottage, has completed his International (FCI) and Mexican (FCM) Championships. "Sugar" is the second import to the United States to earn these titles. The first having been TARA's "Igloo." "Sugar" is also an ARBA and USACTC Champion and is the proud father of Sweet N Low of Tara.

Coton de Tulear champion dogs and puppies


Tijuana, MX. Tara's Hindie du Clos D'Elphany completed her International (FCI) and Mexican (FCM) Championships on July 14, 1996. "Hindie" is the first imported bitch to the United States to receive these titles. "Hindie" is the mother of the first born United States International and Mexican Champion, Cricket of TARA.

Coton de Tulear takes care of orphan puppies - Photo by Breeder Carol Hughes
Burleson, TX, TARA's "Hindie" makes history again! November 21, 1996, "Hindie" took over the rearing of two orphaned Great Pyrenees babies. Babies and stepmom all did well. We at TARA know that this is a FIRST and we thank this little mom.

Mexicali, Mex. On January 18-21, 1996, Cricket of Tara (pictured below, left) was awarded her International (FCI) and Mexican (FCM) Championship at the International Dog Shows, in Mexicali, Mex. Cricket is the first Coton born in the USA to become an International and Mexican Champion. She has also achieved ARBA and USACTC Championships. Her proud father is Tara's Igloo.
Coton de Tulear Champion Dogs and Puppies

"Cricket" and "Equal"

San Diego, Ca. On March 15, 1996, at the "ARBA 1996 Invitational Tournament of Champions," Sweet n' Low of Tara (pictured above, right) won "Champion Jr. Puppy of the year." She is the first Coton to ever hold this title. March 16-17, 1996, she returned to the show ring and took THREE "BIS Jr. Puppy." "Equal" is the first Coton to win three BIS at the same Circuit. Congratulations are in order for this four-month-old Coton.

"Equal" now has FIVE "BIS Jr. Puppy" and took Best of Winners at age six months!

Champion puppies Coton de Tulear

"Equal" (pictured left) and "Snickers" (pictured right)

Burleson, Tx. - Sweet N low of Tara (pictured left) continues her winning ways. At the young age of ten months, "EQUAL" has to her credit six "Best in Show Jr. Puppy," and six "Best Of Breed." "EQUAL" took "Best of Winners" at age six months. She is an ARBA and IABAC National and International Champion and is the first Coton Puppy to have earned this many Best in Show awards at SKC and ARBA shows -- all with limited showing.

Not to be out-done, Hunk of Sugar of Tara, "SNICKERS" (pictured right) has won two "Best of Breed" awards. "SNICKERS" earned his ARBA Jr. Championship during the same circuit as "EQUAL." During the ACTA National Specialty, he won "Best of Breed Puppy." This was his second Specialty win for "Best of Breed Puppy". The first was the ACTA Regional Specialty. "SNICKERS" is also an ACTA Champion.

"EQUAL" and "SNICKERS" are half brother and sister. TARA's Mex., FCI INT'L., ARBA, USACTC, IABKC/INT'L. Champion, "SUGAR," is their proud dad.

Las Vegas, NV. On March 7th 1997 Equal won her International Championship at the International All Breed Kennel Club.

Coton de Tulear award winning breeder


Mexicali, Mex. Igloo of the Valauary's Cottage (pictured above), received his International (FCI) and Mexican (FCM) Championships at the International Dogs Shows, in Mexicali, Mex. on January 18-21, 1996. Igloo is an American (ARBA) Champion. He is the first Coton import in the USA to achieve these three combined Championships. Igloo resides at Coton de Tulear of Tara.