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This is the story of Tara’s Thumbelina. Thumbelina was born on November 28, 2007. A tiny little baby, no bigger than a stick of butter. She weighed 2 oz. Thumbelina had a sister that weighed 3 oz, and a little brother that was 2 oz.The photo below shows all three babies at 2 weeks.

Coton Puppy 2 weeks old

Thumbelina and her brother, although they were nursing, and were strong babies, they just were not thriving. At 2 weeks and 2 days, the baby boy crossed the rainbow bridge. I decided that Thumbelina needed more nourishment, not just her mom’s milk, so I began to supplement her every four hours with Gerber baby meats and yogurt mixed in a baby bottle. She would gain a little, loose a little, and then we got to 4 oz!

At that point, she held her weight, not losing but also not gaining. It was still touch and go, and she was so tiny.

When I would pick her up to feed her, like a little bird, she would open her mouth to be fed. Her sister continued to grow as a puppy is supposed to do, but Thumbelina was weeks behind in motor development. At 3 weeks, the puppies waddle around, leave their crates, and venture out a little. Thumbelina was still pretty much like a new born, so I did physical therapy with her legs several times a day.

When she could finally venture out of her crate, I made her a little ramp.

There was another litter of puppies born 2 days after Thumbelina. Gradually, day by day, Thumbelina's motor development began to catch up with the other pups and her sister.

But, because of her size, she could not play with the other pups. Soon, even her sister was too rough. But, Thumbelina was totally spoiled by now, and the adult dogs were very protective of her, and still are.

5 Weeks

At 5 weeks (pictured above on the right) she weighed 10 oz. Thumbelina started to act more like a puppy, would respond to my voice, began to walk a little, but, still slept like a new born.

At 7 weeks she was 16 oz. and eating on her own. I bought doll dishes for her, as the smallest of cat or puppy bowls were still so big that she could not reach to eat out of them.

8 Weeks

At 9 weeks, Thumbelina had a compete health evaluation with sonograms and other tests. She checked out 100 percent normal!

At 10 weeks, Thumbelina was now completely normal, and doing everything that a puppy of that age should be doing.

See below photos of Rose and Thumbelina, and Thumbelina with a Sprite bottle. Age 11 weeks for Rose and Thumbelina. And, if they get too rough, she runs to me, stands up on her hind legs, holds up her arms for me to pick her up! Thumbelina is a brat, but, oh, my is she loved.

.11 Weeks

12 weeks and she is 2 1/2 pounds!

Thumbelina at 3 months weighs 3 wonderful pounds!

Thumbelina now Rules the kingdom of TARA - she demands and receives the respect of all! She can now play with Rose and Salty, puppies from the other litter.


Please stay tuned for the adventures of this little Scarlett O’Hara -- the Ruler of TARA!


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