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Hi, it's me, Thumbelina, the Ruler of TARA! I have lots of stuff to tell you. But, first I want to tell you about my two best friends, Rose and Salty, better known as the twins. We were all born in late November, and I am the oldest by two days, but, the smallest. Mom told me that the best things come in little packages! We were all four months old in this picture.

The next thing I want to tell you about is what happened to me when the Easter rabbit came to visit. Here came this big strange white thing with big floppy ears jumping across the room towards me! Scared me so bad I jumped in my Easter basket. He left me some really good yummy treats! I won't be scared next year.

Now, here comes the really fun part. My mom said I was going to a show?? and, that I needed to go shopping for a dress, and a hat. Here I am trying on two out fits. I chose the one that is pink and black with ruffles, and, at the costume contest, I tied for 1st place. Maybe, I should have picked the other dress. Next year, I am going to have red shoes because I feel like the lady in red..

Now, I am really excited, as it is April and we are going to the show?? Rose and Salty are going too, but, they are going to show? What does that mean? Anyway, I cannot be in this show, because, I am too small. So, it's just the fun stuff for me. I won the contest for the smallest Coton, and won a big beautiful ribbon! Don't you think it is pretty?


Wow! I won again! This time was the hat contest. Isn't it just the prettiest hat you ever saw? I think it suited me very well. Every one just clapped and clapped for me.

One more contest, and this was for the best trick. I have this big green ball, that is as big as I am, and I can grab it in my mouth and bounce across the room. Everybody just clapped and laughed. Oh, and yes, I won that contest too. I had so much fun! Hope I get to do this again.

The twins did really well too. They won Best of Breed puppy, and Best of Opposite Sex puppy! They got big beautiful ribbons too, but, I love mine the best because they are mine and I won them !!!. My new friend went with us, but, she was too young to do anything! Her name is Babylicious. Here we are together where she is four months old, and I am six months old. Yes, I know she is bigger than I am! But like I said . . . . . little packages!

I guess that is the story of my little life! Little, little Thumbelina..

So that's the most recent adventure in the little life of little Thumbelina.

My mom said I have to get off the computer now, so, until next time, bye from Thumbelina.



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