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Hi, it's me Thumbelina! WOW! The most exciting thing has happened in my little life. The sky lit up! Big, beautiful lighted things shooting into the sky. I mean they made all of these weird noises, and the lights flashed and flashed! At first I was a little scared, but Mom said it was a celebration and not to be afraid.

You'll never guess what I learned today. I learned to go in and out of the doggy door and take care of potty business all by myself! Mom saw me outside,and she said, "Thumbelina how did you get out here?" I was so excited, so I kept running  in and out of the doggy door and showed her! Mom was so happy, I thought she would cry. You  got to love her--the simplest things make her happy. If I want to make her day, all I have to do is walk out that door and pee in the dog run--if I happen to poop, well, it's a red letter day--she is really easy to please.

Is she coming..or is she going!

I feel so big now, but, I know that I am still "little Thumbelina."

Bye for now .. from Thumbelina!



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